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How does Honest Wheels compare?

We believe that Honest Wheels offers the best value of any VIN check service: we offer loads of data, including exclusive maps and visualizations, analyzed and structured to be meaningful for you, all at a far lower price than our competition. Only Honest Wheels offers a free lookup for accident, flood, and buyback history for a vehicle. Take a look at the table below to see how Honest Wheels stacks up against the competition.

Price per Report$7.99$39.99$24.99
Title History
Accident & Theft History
Insurance Data
Auction Data-
Free Damage Report--
Easy to Understand--
Reliability Records--
Buyback Guarantee-
Estimated Values--
Maintenance History--
How does it work? Find your VIN Why Honest Wheels FAQs

How does Honest Wheels work?

Getting a VIN check from Honest Wheels is easy!

1. Share VIN

First, you’ll need to give us a vehicle’s 17-character Vehicle Identification Number (here’s where to find it). If you don’t feel like typing, you can also simply give us the vehicle’s license plate!

2. FREE Lookup

Your initial VIN lookup is entirely free. We’ll let you know whether we’ve seen any evidence of accidents, floods, or buyback history for the vehicle.

3. Get Full Report

If you want to learn more, you’ll purchase a full Honest Wheels VIN Report—we’ll email you a link to your report with complete details about the vehicle’s mileage, location, accident, and title records. Your link will never expire and you can share it with anyone you like!

Where can you find your VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (or VINs) are found in two places on a vehicle:

Through Windshield

Look at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle. You’ll see a barcode and a 17-character ID peeking out: this is the vehicle’s VIN. This is the easiest way to find a vehicle’s VIN as you won’t need to unlock or open the car.

Inside Door

If you can unlock the car, check out the inside of the driver’s side door. You’ll see a label with a lot of official-looking information on it. Once again, look for a barcode and a 17-character ID on this label: that’s your VIN!

Why Honest Wheels?

Here’s what you’ll get with Honest Wheels:

Easy to understand

We analyze and construct our reports to make them easy to scan and understand. We highlight important events in a vehicle’s history and draw out events that other services miss. We help you understand what those events mean and what questions you’ll need to ask. You’ll never see a wall of tabular records here at Honest Wheels.

Unique visualizations and maps

We’re especially proud of our unique maps and graphs that help tell a story about the history of a vehicle, where it’s been and what’s happened to it. No other VIN check service offers these features.

Free VIN lookup

Only Honest Wheels gives you a free check for accident, flood damage, or lemon (or buyback) history for a vehicle.

Special sources

Only Honest Wheels incorporates consumer complaints from the NHTSA to offer additional information about common problems for vehicles.

Great value

We offer all this for a price 80% lower than our competition. After all, a VIN check for a broken car shouldn’t break your bank.

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What is a VIN?

A Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) is a 17-character ID that is entirely unique to that vehicle and allows Honest Wheels to put together records from different sources with confidence. Federal and state agencies, police and fire departments, insurance companies, and automobile dealerships and auctioneers all use VINs to identify and track vehicles. You can use a VIN to lookup recalls, registrations, insurance events, sales, warranty information, thefts, and so much more—and you can do it all here on Honest Wheels.

Why are VIN checks important?

A VIN check is an important part of the decision-making process when it comes to buying a used car.

As a buyer, a VIN check can reveal trouble in a car’s history. You can see whether a car has reported damage or if its history is clean. A VIN check can reveal strange inconsistencies in a vehicle’s registration history, such as evidence of odometer fraud. You can see where a vehicle has been registered, learn whether it’s been reported stolen, or if an insurance company has ever declared it a loss. If the vehicle you’re researching does have a questionable history, a VIN check can help you negotiate a lower price. A VIN check, in short, gives you peace of mind when the time comes to make your final buying decision.

As a seller, a VIN check can also provide peace of mind for your buyers. Offering your vehicle for sale with a clean VIN check can improve the quality of your listing, help close your sale faster, and even allow you to ask a higher price for your vehicle. If your vehicle does have a questionable history, you can get ahead of any questions about your vehicle with a VIN check.

Along with a test drive and a mechanic’s inspection, a VIN check will help you buy, or sell, your car with confidence.

Where is our data from?

Honest Wheels sources data from a variety of sources to provide our complete Honest Wheels VIN Report. Dozens of organizations across the country use VINs to track vehicles; we combine all these sources to provide you with a complete picture of a vehicle’s history. We partner with federal and state government agencies, police and fire departments, insurance companies, and automobile dealerships and auctioneers. To learn more about our data sources, read more.

Does Honest Wheels have every VIN?

Almost! We should have records available when you check a VIN for any car made before 1981, the year in which the current 17-character vehicle identification number was introduced. Honest Wheels checks to see whether we have records for a VIN before we even offer you a full report, and if we don’t have information to give you, we won’t charge you. As always, our accident, lemon, and flood checks remain entirely free.

What if you don’t have information about a vehicle?

Our initial free VIN lookup will reveal whether we have information about a vehicle. If we don’t have sufficient data to provide a full picture of a vehicle’s history, we won’t offer you a full VIN Report. It’s that simple.

What if I’m unhappy with my VIN report?

We’re here to satisfy you. If you’re unsatisfied, for any reason, please reach out to us at info@honestwheels.com for a full refund.

Are Honest Wheels VIN Reports entirely complete?

Honest Wheels VIN Reports are as complete as can be. We partner with dozens of data sources to provide all the records that we possibly can for a vehicle. Unfortunately, our records are only as complete as what’s been written down about a vehicle. Sometimes, a vehicle may be repaired in someone’s driveway. Other times, an unscrupulous mechanic may repair a vehicle without leaving records. By accident or occasionally on purpose, something might happen to a vehicle without leaving any trace. Rest assured that Honest Wheels continues to search for more data sources for our VIN Reports: for true peace of mind, we always recommend that you test drive a vehicle and take it to an independent mechanic for inspection before completing your purchase.

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Honest Wheels’ VIN Report is based on information supplied to Honest Wheels as of Wed Jul 06 2022 at 09:35:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time). Additional information about this vehicle may not have been reported to Honest Wheels, including and not limited to repairs, damage, and accidents. Our data is only as good as the data reported by federal and state agencies, automotive insurance companies, used car auctioneers, and other third-party data sources. We assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in our reports. We expressly disclaim any express or implied warranties, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Please use our report as just one important part of your vehicle purchase process: we always recommend taking a test drive and obtaining a third-party mechanical inspection before buying a used car.